Why We Are Big Believers In Outdoor Location Shots Over Studio Sessions

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Choosing between having your photos done inside within studio walls or  outside amongst nature can at times be a difficult decision. You want to capture your family’s personality in the best way possible, and ultimately the choice is all up to you, but in the end, there are a couple things to consider.

Here at Little Alfie Photography, we are big believers in taking photographs in the beautiful outdoors – and here are our reasons why!

Natural light

Nothing, and we mean nothing, beats natural light. Just picture it – the sun shining down on the golden locks of your baby girl’s hair as she chases a runaway balloon, or the clear azure skies radiating as the perfect backdrop to a tea party you’re having with the grandchildren. Sunlight is the best source of illumination for photographers, and as professionals we know which times of the day will have the best light. We’ll also know how to manipulate outdoor light with reflectors to get the best for pictures.

As well as taking advantage of it, young children won’t be made to feel uncomfortable with bright flashes constantly going off in their faces – especially babies. It can be extremely intimidating, and turn a fun photoshoot into something stressful and manic.

More locations

You and your family can show off more of your personalities and characters by taking your photoshoot outside. For instance, if your little boy loves blowing bubbles or playing catch with Daddy or Pops, it makes more than enough sense to have an active shoot in a gorgeous, green garden or field rather than having a portrait of one of the children simply holding a ball in their lap with a bubble drifting up above them. At Little Alfie Photography, we absolutely adore taking our photoshoots to parks and anywhere there is a delight of natural colour to let individuals shine in their heirloom images.

When things are taken outdoors creativity is limitless. Our park and beach location shoots have been specifically chosen for their endless photographic opportunities. No matter what style or location your family holds sentimental we are positive that our outdoor spots will make your heart swoon when you come to our viewing session. 


Taking photo shoots outside involves a wonderful amount of spontaneity where you can truly interact with your family more naturally. Your actions translate into the images we take, and you’re not restricted by four walls keeping everyone in and dulling down personalities. Sure, not all children will do what you want them to do, so taking everything outside will let them burn off the energy to get the shots we’re after.

Taking photos of families is insanely awesome, and quite frankly, when it comes to capturing the essence of each member, we consider a different type of ‘posing’ as opposed to the traditional type. You won’t get a one-year-old sitting up on a block with their shoulders back, chin tilted forward, front foot forward, that kind of thing. Allowing youngsters to be their spontaneous selves in an outdoor setting will see the best photos of your family you’ve ever seen.

Little Alfie Photography will work with you to decipher the best outdoor locations for you and your family, and we guarantee you’ll have a fun, exciting photoshoot to look back on not only in images, but in your memory too.

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