Why its never the best option to choose all the digital negatives …

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We tend to see it from time to time “ill just get the negatives” the mums and dads say with grand plans to go off and decorate the house with various prints. Well here is one reason why not to spend your budget on just negatives alone. It never happens, more often than not they get shared with the family once and possibly a couple of token prints at best and then its more images on the computer. it generally ends up being an over priced screen saver. I find more often than not parents once they have the digitals really dont know where to go for quality printing and while they may get the 1 or two small items printed they can end up looking mediocre.
The design session we have is the second part of the process when clients come in. Parents see this as a huge weight off as it helps them cut their collection to only the most important images and then shows them the best way to design it to a finalised peice. We work with house plans and photos of wall spaces to create something stunning in their house. Every image at Little Alfie comes with a screen version free so there is no need to worry that what is printed won’t be able to be shared. We offer the high resoltuion digital negatives at a reduce rate along with wall prints so clients can have them as an added extra rather than being the focus.

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