Defining Photography Trends Of This Year

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We are inundated with beautiful and inspiring images every day, and these images have a way of resonating with us better than any other medium. Each year particular visual trends start to emerge, so we have pinpointed our favourite trends making waves across on social media and those making a big impact on family portrait photography in 2018.   


Warm Golden Hues

With the arrival of Spring, we are seeing a lot more colour grading with a focus on warm rich golden tones, particularly in the skin tones. The trend towards more golden hues affects the overall mood and feel of an image, often giving a more calming and engaging overall feel while allowing the skin tones to really come alive.

Image via Vouge Australia 

Dressing Down With a Touch of Boho

Long gone are the days of dressing up and finding the perfect suit and matching mini tux for the family portraits. While a more casual approach to family portraits has been very evident in the past few years, 2018 has seen a shift towards an even more relaxed slightly boho look with a strong emphasis on neutrals. This trend is flooding the social media feeds and is very much thanks to mummy bloggers and other social media influencers who are challenging traditional family photos, for a new modern twist.   

Image via @amberfillerup

Creative Photographic Collages

Repurposing images in the form of a collage is a great artistic escape and an even greater way to combine all of the above trends. It’s a way of making unique and unexpected images in a new way of self-expression through photography. It’s hard to say how long collages will continue to be a trend, but they won’t be dated anytime soon.

Image via CITIZEN K Paris


Touch and Tactility

The constant connectivity to the tech world – computer screens, digital apps, pixels, blue light – has seen photographers pushed further from technology.  Instead, they’re focusing on real connection, or actual touch, and going back to basics. For photographers, it’s all about showing connections, and that moment of connectivity between image and viewer is the end goal – emotion. It’s all about real-world interactions, and in this digital world, everyone’s craving anything related to direct touch.

Image via @laurenpvickery

Darker Midtones

Midtones dictate the entire image and when these are enhanced to be darker a striking moody image is usually the result. This trend references back to traditional film photography for a more delicate sensual dimensional image. This trend is perfect for families after a more traditional dark and moody style, the perfect fit for mid-century or vintage style interior.

Image via @cellajaneblog

Photography is exceptionally critical in modern times, and as the end of 2018 falls upon us, it seems that today’s trends are on a quest to personalise and provide high impact experiences by going back to some all-important basics. These trends are pushing the industry even further, and are challenging photographers to keep up to date and continue to experiment with new lighting, colours, compositions and creative mediums.

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