Why house plans and wall snaps are important to bring to your viewing session

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Starting in a fresh, newly built home gives that warm, delightful sense of a rebirth. New neighbours, potentially new furniture, even perhaps a new suburb all give way to feeling that you and your family can start life over again. It exhilarates our mental wellbeing, and gives us mums something to focus on rather than sticking with the everyday schedules we are so used to.

And as you sit with your builder designing the plans of your new home, do you perhaps wonder if it is at all possible to design your family portraits specifically to fit into your humble abode? Is there even such a thing?

You’ll be elated and positively overjoyed to know that yes, Little Alfie Photography provides a professional designer service at your viewing session so that you can walk away with the most beautifully detailed images to suit your home style, décor and wall area. Not a thing will seem out of place, because the last thing you want is a photographer who doesn’t understand that your memories should be displayed as art for everyone to admire.

Photographs arranged as part of artistic wall décor can really be quite beautiful. For instance, hall design ideas are often an afterthought in new builds but should be considered as soon as possible as they usually create a first impression of the home. They also set the tone for the rest of your interior style. The same can be said for an entrance hall at the front door where you greet your guests.

After we have created your amazingly beautiful family portraits, you’ll have a viewing session, and this will be the perfect time to bring in your house design plans, photos of your décor and furniture, and perhaps what colours you will be choosing for your walls. Together, we’ll map out the best spaces for your collection, what sizes will create a layer of impeccable elegance, and what images will you will want to keep.

At Little Alfie Photography, montages are our biggest sellers, and you’ll take relief in knowing that all are custom sized. This means that knowing your wall space will be the best way for your heirlooms to be fitted perfectly to your home, and each one will deliver a wow factor for years to come.

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