Memories Will Be Made With A Family Portrait By The Beach

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Family photographs are all about fun, and now we’re throwing into the mix all the excitement of sand and surf by offering portraits by the beach! Photography at the ocean is timeless and classic with the use of natural light. I mean, just being close to the beach has an effect on people, and we see how happy it makes families when they spend the day together playing in the sand, crashing into the waves, and looking for long-lost pirate treasure, or hidden seashells. Children are most relaxed when they feel comfortable with their surroundings, and the beach is simply perfect for the little ones.

It just makes sense to have a family portrait at such an amazing location, doesn’t it? Nature’s colours are an extraordinary background which helps emphasise you and your family, and the variety of shots created from such an outdoor photo shoot is endless. It’s completely worth it to capture beautiful images you won’t get elsewhere; ones that will match almost any home décor.

When you’re ready to hit the seaside with a photo session, here are some handy tips for the perfect day.

What to wear

While choosing the clothes for your family beach session, the number one tip to keep in mind is to find clothing that makes you all comfortable. You want to make sure that on the day of your photo shoot, nothing in your clothing (or in anyone else’s) is bothersome and you all stay happy and relaxed. Coordinate two to three colours amongst family members, like white or grey, and ensure those colours are solid; photos will be more visually appealing when there are limited patterns, logos and characters.

Although we love the heart-shaped locket that matches your abundance of bangles, we suggest keeping jewellery to a minimum. Your face, and that of your gorgeous family’s, is the main focus of your photos. The same goes for hair and makeup! Natural and relaxed goes perfectly with the fun you’ll be having with your loved ones while we snap away.

Timing is everything

The best time to take those beautiful shots on the beach is early morning or at sunset – nothing in between. These two times of day have the absolute best lighting. There’s no shade down by the surf, and the sun’s rays are reflected on the sand, which can add to harshness within the lens. Very early in the morning or about an hour before sunset, the winter light is warm and golden, with the angle of the sun providing a lovely, soft light that enhances skin tone and colour saturation.


Little Alfie Photography is running beach portrait shoots until mid-July. Get in touch with us today to book your amazing family photos by the beach. You won’t regret having those memories up on the walls of your home forever!

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