It takes a bit of work to get to the part where you are holding your final order in your hands. Lets talk about what is involved.

Firstly lets talk about your photography session..

It’s our philosophy that cherishing every waking minute with family is number one in life – that is why we keep our shoots to 30 minutes and make sure its fun for everyone.

We shoot mainly on location so children + parents feel free to be them selves more than a closed in studio environment.

After your photography session we will take your images away and tirelessly refine them for your viewing session.

Your viewing session

On a separate day ideally both parents (if you are coupled up) are invited in to our studio for your full 1 hour viewing session with our designer.

What our clients find great about this session is that we make time to go though every image in your final collection with you so you can mindfully choose your best selection.

We always advise to take pictures on your wall space before you come in. this is a great way to prepare and show your designer where art pieces could fit in your home.

What can we buy once we are at the studio?

There are many different options for producing your collection, ranging from fine quality portraits to carefully designed framed art pieces.

Please see our price guide below.

Please note; more is available with in the studio along with tailor made packages.

10 x 8 inch fine quality portraits are $165.00

A package of Five 10 x 8 inch fine quality portraits are $725.00 (valued at $907.50)

15 x 10 inch custom framed wall portraits are $765.00

24 x 16 inch custom framed wall portraits are 925.00

High Resolution Digital Negative packages start at 1350.00

30 inch large wall montage custom framed with up to 9 images + all images used as digital social media share files $1850.00

For every print package and wall print purchased the client will receive that same image as a digital social media share file.

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