Styling for your family photography session



Styling everyone is one of those things that seems like it will take about 5 minutes but in actual fact it can be hours of “We have nothing to wear”.

Firstly our advice it to mums, is to start with your outfit first, mums have a habit of making them selves the bottom of the priority list in general – however getting your family photographed is very much about mum, so make sure you pick the outfit you feel is best for you, that then becomes your base to fit everyone else’s clothes around yours.





We suggest dresses or skirts for the females of the family, Dresses flow when you walk creating romance and femininity. Its best to avoid dark colours as they are highly distracting and draw the eye away from everyones faces.


Denim isn’t bad its just been done to death.
Instead of denim jeans for the boys try chinos or soft / pale blue pants. Pastels are a great way to introduce colour but not distract from everything else.

To check out our styling guide head to our pintrest page …


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