Why You Don’t Need to Venture Further Than the Natural Beauty of Australia for the Perfect Photo

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Sometimes it can be easy to get swept up with the beauty between the accounts on Instagram and throughout the pages of magazines. So much so that we begin comparing our lives with those who seemingly live in more exotic locations with more ‘gram-worthy’ homes, outfits and locations. And while beauty comes in many forms, we’re here to remind you that we too are blessed here in Australia, and that you don’t need an exotic, European coastal town to create that beautiful, Kodak-moment. With coastlines long and natural wonders in abundance, every inch of Australia is unique which makes every shot captured even more magical.

While the shores of the Amalfi Coast look oh so desirable throughout Pinterest, our beaches are some of the best in the world, and such a backdrop shouldn’t be overlooked. Embrace the beauty of the sea even more by choosing a time of day with fewer people around, and when the sky displays a deliciously pastel assortment of colour.

Not only do our beaches have ease of access, but there really are so many of them, each with their unique charm and appeal. If the seaside isn’t quite your thing, the hinterlands, reserves and parklands are a stunning choice as well. With stunning peaks, rolling hills, mature eucalyptus trees and if you’re lucky some wild animals, good luck not creating a photo album that won’t be looked upon for years to come. Everything you could possibly think of to open the pathway to beautiful pictures is right here.

Australia is beautiful, in so many ways and I love taking advantage of what is on offer in our very own backyards!

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